I Want To Go To Space Today!

A game for Ludum Dare 26 by Dennis Ranke

How to play

You play a cute little cube who really wants to go to space today. To do that you can jump around from cube to cube, automatically holding on to the grey-blue and red cubes. You will bounce off of the green cubes and the yellow ones, well, I guess they don't look exactly inviting, do they?

To jump, just press the mouse button, aim, and then release to jump.

You can also use your thruster during a jump by pressing the mouse button.

But beware! Holding on to cubes and using your thruster uses up stamina. Your stamina regenerates only while your are in the air.

If your stamina reaches zero, you die! If your cute little cube leaves the screen, you die!


The stamina meter is on the lower left.

On the right there are two score displays: your current score at the bottom, your hiscore (current session only) at the top. Space starts at a height of 250.

Source Code

The source can be found here on GitHub at http://github.com/exoticorn/ld26-minimalism.